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Summary of the Meeting

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Christian Bachmann

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In theory it would be possible to reduce the power consumption of electronic equipment even with the present state of technology by 30 to 80 percent. The saving potential of technological innovation still ahead may be even greater but is hard to estimate. Experts presently believe that power management will have the greatest effect. However, new technology and new needs of users will generally increase energy consumption.

Innovations of equipment do not always use all advanced technology available. The main reason is the low market value of energy. Saving energy is only worthwile if other advantages are linked to it.

At this point efforts start to make consumers energy conscious. This may result in energy saving behaviour but it would be unrealistic to expect the drop in energy consumption to last. However, energy consciousness is a major factor in market developments. Bulk buyers especially can exert pressure on manufacturers by demanding energy saving equipment.

All measures which influence the market require standardized testing procedures for equipment. Several organisations, mainly from the USA, Sweden and Switzerland, are currently working out such testing standards. The Zurich meeting was an important step towards international collaboration in this field.

This collaboration has to be both international and interdisciplinary. Apart from the technological areas (from individual components of equipment to the planning of office blocks) it also entails those of human behaviour, the passing on of information, the economy, legislation and politics.

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